Une rose, un espoir – Styl Snaf’s remarkable contribution

Une rose, un Espoir – What is it?

Une rose, un espoir (A rose, a hope) is the annual charity event that involves bikers in a major fundraiser for the fight against the cancer. One captivating aspect of this honorable event is that the rose is brought by bikers. Imposing motorcycles and people covered with a heavy helmet carry a fragile yet powerful flower – the rose, highlighting that the beaty is found within strength and determination.

The primary objective of this initiative is to distribute as many roses as possible, symbolizing hope, while also demonstrating the generosity of the French people and raising funds for basic and clinical research in oncology. These heartful bikers take their motorbikes and go from door to door to offer a rose in exchange for a minimum donation of €2 for the benefit of the League Against Cancer.

The event catches the attention of the whole country, echoing on websites such as J’Aime Mon Territoire and Saint Just Saint Rambert

To follow all the updates, visit the page of the event on Facebook.

A special contribution:

On the 29th and 30th of April 2023, the 25th edition of Une rose, un Espoir took place, bringing great news and heartwarming moments. Styl Snaf, valued member of the Innoseal Family, has been an unwavering collaborator with this organization for many years. This year was no exception, as they continued their dedicated support. Together, they wrapped an astounding 21.000 roses, co-protagonists of this charity event, with the help of our Innoseal L-Sealer, and raised €72.833.

Going above and beyond, the company Styl Snaf made an additional step, they sold or donated the aforementioned bag sealing machines, making an additional contribution to the cause. Receiving this kind of news fills our heart with joy.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partner, Styl Snaf, for sharing this important goal with us and consistently playing a crucial role in the community. Their support and generosity exemplify the true spirit of Une rose, un Espoir.

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