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For many years, we have trusted and take pride in the ease our system brings. Innoseal offers an innovative and high-quality bag closure system and Refill, fit for various markets. Innoseal Europe B.V. (also known as Innoseal International) is a manufacturer and distributor of the popular Innoseal system.

Innoseal Europe works with distributors all over the world to make sure everyone can get their hands on this magnificently simple solution. All our partners are key in spreading Innoseal worldwide.

For France we have found our match in Styl Snaf. 

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The story of Innoseal and Styl Snaf

After many years of cooperation, we are still very happy with our distributor in France, Styl Snaf. We first met at a trade fair, and it quickly became apparent that our product assortment was a perfect fit for their business. Our one-of-a-kind bag closing system provides a unique closure that is high-quality, tamper-evident, easy to open, reclosable, and airtight.

Styl Snaf recognized the value of our product and saw that it would be the perfect solution for their specialty products. We have been working together ever since and have built a strong partnership based on trust, reliability, and mutual benefit.

We are proud to have Styl Snaf as our distributor in France and are confident that our collaboration will continue to thrive for many years to come. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is second to none, and we are grateful for their ongoing support of our product. Together, we are delivering innovative solutions to the market.

Strong partnerships, Sealed with succes.

Innoseal velcro hack

Styl Snaf has brought to our attention a common issue faced by many of their customers when using Innoseal. Customers have reported difficulties in filling the Sealer with a new set of Refill, as well as concerns about the Sealer falling off the table or the lid not staying open.

Fortunately, we have devised a remarkably simple solution that can be effortlessly implemented in the comfort of your own Place.

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