Innoseal - One-of-a-kind, patented bag closing system

Standard Sealers

Standard Sealers

Our Standard Sealer is our best-seller, loved by customers everywhere. It’s versatile, with a 6 mm slot that strikes the perfect balance between strength and functionality. You can find it in three stylish colors on, or check out our distributor’s exclusive 
Re-Sealer and Clear Sealer options, each with their own unique benefits.

Black Sealer vierkant - mozaiek - min
Clear Sealer vierkant - Mozaiek - min


We were bursting with excitement to create a sealer that could effectively seal paper bags and other thicker materials. And that’s how the incredible L-Sealer was born! This beauty boasts a 12 mm slot that guarantees a secure closure every time. You can get your hands on this amazing invention in two stunning colors through our trusted distributor or on

Red L-Sealer - mozaiek - min
L-Sealer - Mozaiek -min


Looking for an easy-to-use closure for your bags? The Innoseal combines paper and tape for an airtight, tamper-evident seal. Available in unicolor or multicolor options and sets of 28 or 84, it’s a simple yet effective solution for packaging your goods.

Refill - houtenplank - min
84 Refill sets - mozaiek - min

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